Accounts: Create one account and start promoting websites. If you have many websites, then you are free to use only one created account for all your websites.

Payout: Approximately three weeks are necessary in order to pay all the funds. Please note, all funds are paid by check in U.S. funds pay-outs. One week is necessary in order to deal with refunds. In case a person brought by you gets a refund, then you will not receive payment for this signup. All in all, partners get 60 %. At least $ 30 must be earned by you to allow CCbill to send a check. CCbill will send payment only in case it is enough sum of money on your balance.

Page Contents: All URLs where you are sending your hints will be tracked by us. In case we will not be able to track any of your URL then, you will be terminated.

You will be terminated immediately if you fail to comply with this! If any of the URLs contain and/or promote: child pornography, beastialty, warez, password selling or trading, newsgroup postings, spam e-mails or programs linking practices, then the account will be cancelled immediately and all the funds on this account will be annulled. The violation of 3rd party trademark, copyright, patent or any other intellectual property right violation or infringement will lead to immediate cancellation of the account.

The account will be cancelled if: too many refunds and charge backs will be shown on your account. Unfortunately, we will no longer do business with this client.

Together with account termination all outstanding funds are terminated, too. We keep the right to modify the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice to Webmasters. Please, refer to the document as often as possible, in order to be notified about all the changes which have been made. We are not responsible for any losses as a result of complications with your hosting equipment or technical errors. We keep the right to cancel this Agreement for any reason, at any time, without prior notification. Please note, that ALL accumulated funds will be paid immediately in such cases.


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