This is a special photo session. Don’t you think that pink color emphasizes my sexuality, tenderness and naivete. Yeah…when I put on pink clothes, I turn into a sensitive baby doll. Have a look at my buttonhole. I am sucking a lollipop so slowly and carefully, can you imagine what I can do with your cock? Yes, right you are my sensitive and deep mouth can take care about your cock. This pink bear is my favorite toy and I like to play with it. This photo session is filled with erotica and passion. It was my first role of emo girl and I think I played it perfect, what do you think?

Oh…yeah… this is the photo session, I have been dreaming about all my life. I am in the role of a sexy nurse. High heels, red stockings and a white gown of a nurse… how do I look? Real devils are jumping in my eyes. Just have a look at my long legs, can you imagine these long legs are opened widely and you can see my wet and sexy pussy. I am exposing my tight ass in front of the camera. While I was playing in front of the camera I was burning inside. Look at my tight cheeks, they need a special attention.

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